Jakob’s Night-Music for a world in need
Band Background
Jakob's Night

Night was falling as Jakob was on the run. His brother, Esau, with four hundred armed men, would soon overtake him. All of his life, Jakob had been a deceiver and now, once again, he plotted to outwit a way from his brother's wrath. Scared and alone, Jakob sensed a man behind him. Little did he know that this man would change his life. All night they fought, Jakob struggling as he never had before. The shameful life of trickery he’d lived played through his mind. If he could just be spared, he would right all his wrongs, put the deceit behind him, and become a new man. But as they fought, the assailant did something no ordinary man, not even a warrior like Esau, could do. With a touch, Jakob's hip was thrown out of socket. At that moment, Jakob no longer struggled against the "man" but desperately clung to him pleading for a blessing. On the night that Jakob wrestled with God, his past was erased and his name forever changed. From Jakob to Israel, "Supplanter" to "One who struggles with God," he became a new creation! This is the purpose and hope of the Jakob's Night ministry.
Please contact us at: jakobsnight@yahoo.com, or find us on facebook.
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Jakob’s Night is an eclectic mix of musical genres.  In its fourth rendition retaining its three primary members and writers, it has been compared to jam band based groups like Dave Mathews while retaining a contemplative worship style & musical feel.